Welcome backĀ 

Hi everyone, 

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

We have a busy six weeks ahead with lots of activities planned. This terms topic is all about animals and we are sure your child/ren will have lots of fun, drawing, colouring and sewing.

Also during this term we will be celebrating Valentines Day, Pancake Tuesday and Chinese New Year. 

We will keep you updated with photos and look forward to hearing your feedback about how much your child/ren enjoyed themselves.

Welcome back

Hey everyone, we hope you all had a fun week off 😊

For the last couple of weeks we have been celebrating Halloween, where we made marshmallows eye balls and the children got to colour in a mask. 

For Bonfire Night the children made bonfire chalk pictures and tried some Parkin.

Robert made a firework out of stickle bricks.

And for Remembrance Sunday the children got to make a tissue paper poppy.


For the last couple of weeks, we have all been enjoying Dinosaur madness.

On the first week, the children got to chose a dinosaur template which they designed using felt tips. The dinosaurs they could pick from were Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and pterdactyl. 

On the second week, the children got to create their dinosaurs into 3D models using super clay.

They all had lots of fun picking the colours and making their dinosaurs come to life.

The children could also play with the dinosaur jigsaws and read books about dinosaurs. Mrs wells favourite book was T.Veg and Miss Higham’s favourite joke was, What do u call a blind dinosaur? Do-you-think-he-Saurus. 😃


As well as doing our Autumn tree, the children all got to make a lollipop scarecrow, Miss Broad worked really hard over the holidays cutting all the pieces for the scarecrows

 All the children really enjoyed glueing their scarecrows and they looked really good. 

A few of the children have noticed that our scarecrow and crow have been moving around the tree when the club is closed.

Autumn Tree

Mrs Wells and a few of the children got together to make the Autumn tree trunk and then Miss Higham and Miss Broad took some of the children and went outside to help collect leaves and twigs to finish off our Autumn tree. Miss Broad printed us a black crow which fitted in our tree perfectly. One of the children has noticed that the crow has moved and we explained to the child  that this is because the scarecrow was doing his job.